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Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Day, cheeri

Warmly celebrate the People's Republic
70th anniversary

The term "National Day" refers to the national celebration and was first seen in the Western Jin Dynasty. In ancient China, the emperor’s ascension and birthday were called the National Day. This term is still used today. Now we call the National Day as the National Day.


While you are having fun on holiday, you should also pay attention to safety when you travel. Share some travel tips.

First, personal safety: compass, map, emergency medicine, umbrella.

1. When entering or leaving the hotel room: Close the door, do not smoke in the bed, do not let strangers enter the room, etc.
2. When traveling in groups: Do not leave the team without permission. If you need to leave the group separately, you should obtain the consent of the tour guide, and remember the location, time, number of the car, the address of the hotel, telephone number, etc.
3. When traveling by self-help: Don't be alone, try to be with friends who are reliable, and it is best to buy a reliable insurance.
Second, property security:
Cash and change: essential for going out. Be sure to prepare some change to prevent fake money from being received when you change.
Do not carry large amounts of cash, expensive jewelry to avoid over-exposure, do not keep or carry luggage for strangers.
Bank card and credit card: necessary for going out. Be sure to keep it open so that you are stolen.
Tickets and tickets: If you pick up tickets in advance, you must keep them safe.
Third, travel essential:
ID card, student ID card, military ID card, passport (going abroad), visa (going abroad).
Mobile phone: If you are traveling overseas, you can open international roaming, purchase local cards, and make Internet calls.
Charger, charging cable, mobile power.
Sunscreen: (The skin is very delicate, ladies don't forget it!)


Hechuan Exhibition Holiday Notice

    According to the state regulations, in order to let the company colleagues celebrate the National Day, the Hechuan Exhibition will be held from October 1st, 2019 to October 7th, 2019. The National Day holiday will last for 7 days and will officially go to work on October 8.

    Here, all the staff of Hechuan Exhibition wished us a happy birthday to our great motherland! ! ! I wish you all a happy National Day and have fun! ! ! I would like to express my sincere wishes and sincere gratitude to our customers and friends who have always supported us! ! !