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1. Industrial gas equipment and technology:
◆Industrial gases: general industrial gases, electronic industrial gases, high purity gases, standard gases, etc.;
◆Industrial gas equipment, systems and technologies: air separation, dissolved acetylene gas, hydrogen production equipment and technology; pressure swing adsorption, membrane separation, gas purification, carbon dioxide, liquefied natural gas equipment and technology; other industrial gases, rare gas production technology equipment and recycling Processing technology, mixed gas, standard gas and its preparation technology;
◆Auxiliary equipment and materials for industrial gases: gas valves, air compressors, oxygen compressors, hydrogen compressors, nitrogen compressors, carbon dioxide compressors, acetylene compressors, diaphragm compressors, expanders (pistons, turbines), vacuum pumps , cryogenic liquid pump and its vaporization equipment, heat preservation, adsorption materials, gas filling equipment, welding and cutting equipment, catalysts, molecular sieve drying equipment, industrial gas purification equipment and technology;
◆Industrial gas transportation and packaging materials: high and low pressure gas cylinders, low temperature insulated gas cylinders, wound gas cylinders, aluminum alloy gas cylinders, cryogenic liquid storage tanks;
◆Gas analysis and application: instrumentation dew point meter, gas chromatograph, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, zirconia oxygen analyzer, micro analyzer;
◆Industrial gas storage and transportation equipment: various fixed and mobile gas storage containers, gas storage tanks, gas storage bottles, special containers, and transportation pipelines;
◆Industrial gas transport vehicles: low-temperature transport vehicles, chemical liquid transport vehicles, car transport vehicles, all kinds of fences, warehouse-type transport semi-trailers, all kinds of tank transport vehicles.
2. Liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LNG, LPG):
◆ LNG and LPG engineering technologies:LNG receiving station engineering,LNG liquefaction plant engineering, FPSO liquefaction engineering,LNG vaporization plant engineering,LNG satellite station engineering;
◆Natural gas purification technology: carbon dioxide removal technology and equipment, sulfide removal technology and equipment, dehydration drying technology and equipment, heavy hydrocarbon separation technology and equipment, harmful impurities removal technology and equipment;
◆LNG logistics and transportation equipment categories: large LNG shipping tankers, small and medium-sized LNG shipping tankers, inland LNG transport tankers, LNG road transport tankers;
◆Natural gas vehicles and vessels: NGV and LNG fuel vessels;
◆LNG filling station equipment category: LNG filling machine main body, flow measuring device, LNG filling pump, LNG filling gun;
◆Cryogenic liquid pump power equipment category: large LNG storage tank built-in submersible pump, LNG loading pump, LNG unloading pump, normal temperature and high temperature liquid pump.
3. Cryogenic equipment (devices) and technology:
◆Cryogenic container, cryogenic liquid tank, tank container, pressure vessel, cryogenic liquefaction equipment, cryogenic liquid trailer, liquid tank, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic fixed storage tank, cryogenic equipment, etc.;
◆Various types of cryogenic valves: cryogenic valves, cryogenic regulating valves, cryogenic shut-off valves, safety valves, cryogenic conveying/cold tanks and tank liquid pipes, joints, valves, insulation devices, etc.;
◆Cryopumps, cryogenic reactors, expanders, reactors, compressors, liquid pumps, vaporizers, heat exchangers, automatic filling stations and gas station equipment, liquefaction and regasification equipment for natural gas.
4. Boiler Exhibition Area:
◆All kinds of boiler products and technologies: power station boilers, waste incineration boilers, supercritical boilers, coal-fired boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, cast iron boilers, fuel gas boilers, including condensing boilers, etc.
◆Electric heating boiler: electric heating boiler, electric heating component products and safety control devices;
◆Biomass utilization technology and products: biomass, wood chips, straw, boilers, municipal waste incineration boilers, biomass collection and processing equipment, etc. Other heating products and technologies; household boilers, wall boilers, hot blast stoves, solar energy utilization equipment, heat pumps, cogeneration equipment, etc. Waste heat, waste gas, waste utilization technology and products; various waste heat boilers, waste incineration Heat recovery equipment, etc.
◆Boiler auxiliary equipment and combustion equipment: Boiler water treatment equipment, flue gas purification equipment such as dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, boiler and system automatic control device, monitoring instrument and metering device, pump and valve, pipeline, heating and ventilation system equipment, combustion technology and products, various combustion devices, including fuel gas burning devices, coal burning devices, etc.
◆Boiler production process equipment and materials: various steel and special steel, various welding technology and equipment, blanking and forming technology and equipment, non-destructive testing technology and equipment, mechanical processing technology and equipment, manufacturing testing instruments, various fireproof and wear-resistant materials, other related new materials.
5. Pressure Vessel Exhibition Area:
◆ One, two, three types of high, medium and low pressure vessels: used in metallurgical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, aerospace and other pressure vessels; glass-lined stainless steel pressure vessels and non-ferrous metal pressure vessels;
◆Non-metal pressure vessel: graphite, glass steel, full plastic pressure vessel;
◆Cylinders: seamless gas cylinders, welding gas cylinders, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, dissolved acetylene cylinders, vehicle cylinders, low temperature insulated cylinders, wound cylinders, non-refillable cylinders, special cylinders, cylinders loading measurement and safety equipment, etc.
◆ Mobile pressure vessels: railway tankers, automobile tankers, long tube trailers, tank containers, tank trucks.
6. Pressure Pipeline Exhibition Area:
Oil pipelines, gas pipelines, gas pipelines, heat pipes, process pipes, power pipes, refrigeration pipes, seamless pipes, welded steel pipes, non-ferrous metal pipes, cast iron pipes, non-metallic materials.
7. Safety Valve Exhibition Area:
Heavy hammer lever safety valve, spring micro-open safety valve, pulse safety valve, fully enclosed safety valve, semi-closed safety valve, open safety valve, spring micro-enclosed high pressure safety valve, spring full-open safety valve , chinese safety valve, direct acting safety valve, non-direct acting safety valve, normal temperature safety valve, high temperature safety valve, fixed non-adjustable safety valve, adjustable safety valve, etc.
8.Third-party testing instruments, supporting production enterprises and testing institutions: boiler testing equipment, pressure vessel testing equipment, pressure pipeline testing equipment, intelligent control, testing instruments, testing and metering devices, special equipment testing systems, intelligent metering and control systems, Non-destructive testing equipment, flue gas testing equipment, quality inspection information system solutions, testing and certification institutions (special equipment license, management system certification, industrial product certification, EU certification, qualification certification, management consulting projects, etc.).
9. Manufacturing Technology:
Welding equipment, coiling machine, pipe forming machine, CNC pipe machine, chamfering machine, sand blasting machine, tank type electric grinder, non-connected testing equipment, etc.